Firm founded in 1971

by Mr. Juan Antonio Armenteros Montiel.

Armenteros Abogados, located in the city of A Coruña, specializes in the areas of Civil, Commercial, Criminal, Labor and Administrative “especially as a member of the Spanish Association of Attorneys in liability law and insurance lead and manage all kinds of issues with this stuff (traffic accidents, work accidents, medical malpractice, etc …) “.

The current staff  of  Armenteros Abogados consists of 6 lawyers, plus the related employees throughout the Spanish geography.

Armenteros Abogados currently has offices in Ferrol, Betanzos and A Corunna. For over 20 years dedicated to civil liability, as lead counsel in Galicia

in the most prestigious insurance companies.

If you do not know our firm and has been online as has heard of us for the first time, please contact us to tell us your wishes and questions. We are at your disposal to advise.

Armenteros Abogados

Phone: 0034 981 121398